This is the book that every entrepreneur should be familiar with.

How important is it for you to be more profitable? To increase productivity? To shorten your work day and yet be better appreciated at work?

After 23 years of research and experiments, six human traits have been recognized as necessary for every business to become profitable and gain economic growth. We hold proof that these traits have been crucial to the building of economic empires. When these six success-traits have been discarded, existing and established economic empires ceased to flourish and began declining until they were completely destroyed.

In the three years that this method has been implemented, business owners and executives have noted the following benefits:
  1. The method enables them to interpret the interests of a client or a boss
  2. It grants the necessary tools to improve work relationships and increase business cooperation
  3. It increases productivity and decreases working hours. (Needless to say: Time equals money)
  4. It improves the quality and efficiency of products and services
  5. It ensures constant personal and business development in times of success, enables dynamism and relevance in changing market conditions and can help one become a leading force in various sectors

Implementing the insights of this method can help create a system which is greater than the sum of its parts, and can enable the development and steady growth of a profitable and effective economic venture.

Every business owner and entrepreneur should read this book!

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Six Force-Multiplying Insights, Zohar Halevi
Six Force-Multiplying Insights, Zohar Halevi